Make a difference

Boy in courtStudies have shown that children in foster care who have a CASA assigned to them receive more services than those without a CASA and are more likely to find a permanent home.

“Being a CASA volunteer has been an incredibly rewarding experience because I'm able to advocate for the voices that aren't always heard. Seeing the look on a child's face when he/she can tell me their story and know they're being heard, is priceless. These are the things that generate a passion for volunteering in this capacity.”
—Haley Wikoff, CASA Volunteer

Human Service case workers and other system officials typically carry large caseloads involving many children and complicated family situations. Most are appreciative of the extra time a CASA volunteer can devote to helping ensure that an abused or neglected child is not further victimized by either their family or the very system devised to protect the child.

When some of our local judges were surveyed, all that responded agreed or strongly agreed that CASAs “provide information that you do not get from anyone else” and that “CASAs make a positive impact on the child's case.”

Community volunteers serving as CASAs also help their communities become better informed about child abuse and neglect issues close to home. CASAs can advocate not only for the child they are assigned to, but also for all families by identifying needs in the community that are not being met.

The CASA program needs your support. If you have the time to devote to a child become a CASA volunteer. If you cannot volunteer please consider making a cash contribution to ensure that we can continue to serve all children who need a voice.