About Metro Richmond CASA

Kids on stairsEvery day in Metro Richmond, children are thrust into the child welfare system through no fault of their own. Some are victims of violence, psychological torment, or sexual abuse. Others have been neglected or abandoned by their own parents. Most are frightened and confused. Often these children become victims of an overburdened system - a complex network of lawyers, social workers, and judges who are frequently too overworked to give thorough, detailed attention to each child.

That�s why CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers are so important. They have the time to focus only on the child�s needs - now and for the future. Each CASA volunteer is specially trained to gather information about the child�s situation, attend court proceedings and make recommendations so that that the judge has the information needed to make a decision about the child�s future. The sooner a child is placed in a safe, permanent home, the greater his chances of overcoming the past and becoming a healthy productive member of the community. Finding that safe permanent home is the mission of the CASA volunteer. Without a CASA volunteer, these children can literally get lost in the system. Often, the CASA volunteer is the only constant in a child�s life.

Since 1990, metro Richmond CASA programs have helped nearly 10,000 children. While our goal is to serve every child in need, far too many are still waiting for an advocate. Metro Richmond CASA�s goal is to recruit, train and retain a CASA volunteer force large enough to meet metro Richmond�s growing needs.